Cyber Security

Adaptive Threat Response architecture

Today’s Cyber threats are constantly evolving. No cyber security vendor has a silver bullet.

Our approach to Cyber Threats is an Adaptive Threat Response architecture powered by the LMNTRIX ATR platform – this requires you to shift your cyber security mindset from “incident response” to “continuous response”. We start by assuming systems are already compromised and require continuous monitoring and remediation.

We deploy our own technology stack that is made up of a combination of advanced network and endpoint threat detection, deception technology, analytics and global threat intelligence software. This is complimented with continuous monitoring from our cyber security analysts.

The outcome clients gain with our LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response architecture is a fully managed, cyber security service that defends against zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer initial security assessments.

cyber security led IT
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A cyber security mindset shift from incident response to continuous response

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